An intensive program of workshops

Partecipants during the workshop

This festival is an intensive lab and common workspace. The activities are divided in an initial moment of workshops followed by two days of collective research and experimentation, with a final exhibition of the lab outcomes.

All the activities will take place at Ex Chiesa San Carpoforo, Via Marco Formentini 14, Milan.

Demand Full Interaction

Demand Full Interaction, with Francesco Luzzana

Introduction to vvvv for generative problem solving and non-linear strategies.

Hyperdocumentary, with Erica Gargaglione

Photogrammetry workflow in vvvv for exploring the interstitial reality within physical and virtual ones
Sonic Interaction Design

Sonic Interaction Design, with Stefano Delle Monache, Roberto Bortoletto and Daniele Carniello (221e)

Max + MITCH for physical interactions
Take Me To The Internet

Take Me To The Internet, with Manuel Ehrenfeld for web design and networked publishing practice


  • Guglielmo Anfossi
  • Umberto Antonaci
  • Andrea Bellini
  • Maurizio Berta
  • Giulia Bianco
  • Davide Borgo
  • Eugenio Cinalli
  • Sara Di Lauro
  • Luca Faraldi
  • Fiorella Minnucci
  • Diego Pagnini
  • Mattia Pintonello
  • Vitalii Piven
  • Federico Poni
  • Evelin Vicedomino
  • Lorenzo Villella
  • Melita Vuillermin
  • Matteo Yon